Ep: 232 – Lindsey Germono

The Decision Hour
Ep: 232 - Lindsey Germono

On this episode, I have my friend Lindsey Germono co-host the show with me.  Lindsey is no stranger to the show, she was on episode 209 (https://www.heroesmediagroup.com/podcast/special-guest-lindsey-germono  She is the founder of Germono Advertising Company, she is a Military Spouse and the Host of Drop And Give Me 20 Podcast.

In this show we share a little bit of our friendship and why we get along so well. We talk about the importance to have a support group, we discuss how Covid has affected businesses this year and how we miss seeing people and going to events.  We talk about imposter syndrome, podcasting and what we have coming up next!

“we talked about imposter syndrome a lot. And one of the things that I think that helps me get through that is the podcast. And those folks that are in my corner I look at your business and life in general is like a boxing ring right and you’re in your corner who is standing with you Yeah you know rubbing your shoulders putting petroleum on your face you know talking you giving you there’s another person that comes in with water. If you ever watch a boxing match, it’s incredible. The amount of coordination the other, the other thing I would compare it to is like a NASCAR race and that driver pulls over to get something service everybody has. And so that person cannot function and cannot do their job, which is either being an athlete and you know, or a driver, without the people around them, it cannot happen, you cannot do it solo. And so I think about that a lot when it comes to imposter syndrome, because I’m like, Yeah, but these are the people that are in my corner and helping me drive.” ~Lindsey~

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