Ep: 221 – Host of ‘On The Blue Line Podcast’ Mr. Wayne Mulder

The Decision Hour
The Decision Hour
Ep: 221 - Host of 'On The Blue Line Podcast' Mr. Wayne Mulder

I got to sit down with my friend and #CommunityHero Mr. Wayne Mulder. Wayne works in Law Enforcement and has a podcast called ‘On The Blue Line’ (Listen Here) it’s a podcast about doing life well. Designed and hosted by those who actively serve in law enforcement, this podcast is geared to help you find success in what really matters, your life outside the badge. 

Take a listen as Wayne Mulder shares some stories with us and when asked why he got into Law Enforcement, Wayne says: 

“Well, it’s really in line with exactly what we were just talking about. So there were two things I saw it being that I came into law enforcement a little bit later in life. I feel like I have a little bit different perspective than some, not all, but some in the way that I See the job and in the way that I work through that each and every day, when I came into this job, you have people in law enforcement that have seen things that most people shouldn’t have to see. I mean, anytime somebody passes away in our county, unless they die under hospice care in a hospital, law enforcement has to go out there. So the number of deaths that you’re going to see in your law enforcement career far surpass any other civilian, hopefully, and thankfully, we’ll see within their lifetime unless of course, they’re in the medical field or obviously in the military or something like that. But unless they are in one of the groups that deal with these type things, you’re seeing things that most people don’t see. So when I came into law enforcement, coming from running my own business, I had a different perspective. And in some ways, I want to say that I was pretty positive. I was very optimistic, like a lot officers are and to what I could do in using this as a Mission, I kind of saw law enforcement as a mission in a way that I could help other people.”

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