Ep: 210 – ReEngage with Adam Zaffuto & Alexandra (Pursglove) Zaffuto

The Decision Hour
The Decision Hour
Ep: 210 - ReEngage with Adam Zaffuto & Alexandra (Pursglove) Zaffuto

Great episode as I interview a powerhouse couple and the Founders of ReEngage, Adam Zaffuto & Alexandra (Pursglove) Zaffuto.  

We jump in and get to know each of them.  Adam, U.S. Army Veteran with 2 combat tours and Alex who is a certified Executive Coach, Culture Consultant and the CEO of Pace Success Coaching. 

So, what’s ReEngage?  ReEngage is a one-day conference to foster face-to-face connections by bringing together civilians and veterans who have selflessly served the country and bring great value from their experiences to our local communities. 

 This event is special, take a listen as they share how ReEngage came to life and what it means to each of them.  You will get a sneak peak of the amazing speakers and breakout sessions they have lined up for you! To know more about this event, go to their website www.reengagepgh.com and be sure to follow them on Facebook

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