Ep: 224 – Swords and Saints with Robert Adams, MD

The Decision Hour
The Decision Hour
Ep: 224 - Swords and Saints with Robert Adams, MD

On this episode of The Decision Hour Host Adam Bird sits down with Robert Adams, MD.  Dr. Adams spent 36 years severing in the United States Military, Graduated from the Navel Academy, became a Navy Seal and then later in his career decided he wanted to get into medicine. After 18 years in the Navy, Bob changed branches of service and became an Army officer, went to medical school and spent another 18 years in the Army as a Doctor before retiring as DELTA Force Command Surgeon. After Retiring from the Military, Dr. Adams opened up his own successful private practice in North Carolina where he won numerous awards for clinical excellence and practiced for 13 years before retiring in 2020.  Dr. Robert Adams is the definition of a Community Hero. 

Bob is also a very successful author, writing his first book ‘Six Days of Impossible’ Navy Seal Hell Week A Doctor Looks Back. It’s about the 11 men in his class who graduated,, you get an inside look of what made them successful when so many fail. 

In 2020, Dr. Robert Adams put out his second book, ‘Swords and Saints, A doctor’s Journey’. This book is about the life and medical career of a Navy Seal turned Doctor.  The book is Inspiring, Motivating and very Educational.

You can check out Dr. Bobs author page and order both his books here:

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