Ep: 244 – TacMobility – Resiliency Training That Doesn’t Suck

The Decision Hour
The Decision Hour
Ep: 244 - TacMobility - Resiliency Training That Doesn’t Suck

Resiliency Training That Doesn’t Suck” is the slogan for Erica Chadwick’s company, TacMobility. In this episode, we learn that TacMobility is a company that exists to reduce police officer suicide, increase police officer morale, provide mental and physical health support for cops and so much more. We talk with Erica about how being a person of color influenced her ideas about cops early on in her life, but after years of working in an industry supporting law enforcement, she realized there was a bigger picture.

Eric created TacMobility to provide methods to control the mind and the machine by providing a slew of physical and psychological services to individual cops and entire departments. Erica has gained the trust of police officers nationwide using her knowledge of trauma and stress coupled with her straight forward approach and ability to understand law enforcement culture. 

Recently, Erica has taken brave, bold action to facilitate productive conversation between the Black Lives Matter and Back the Blue movements. She literally crosses the line and works to find the common ground. 

Listen in as we talk about what inspires her and how the services she provides builds better cops in ways you’ve never thought about before.

Find TacMobility HERE and Instagram


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