Ep: 217 – TBJ Gourmet, Chief Executive Boar, Mike Oraschewsky

The Decision Hour
The Decision Hour
Ep: 217 - TBJ Gourmet, Chief Executive Boar, Mike Oraschewsky

If you like bacon…. You are gonna want to listen to this! In this episode I sit down with Mike Oraschewsky. Mike is the “Chief Executive Boar” from TBJ Gourmet.  (https://tbjgourmet.com)

We talk BACON JAM! Yes, you read that right… Bacon Jam, you literally can put it on anything!  Listen in as Mike shares how he got involved with TBJ Gourmet and helping spread this deliciousness all over the country.

“Uh, you know, I had made the decision to be an entrepreneur early in life when I didn’t have a lot on the line, right? I was, you know, it was either get a real job or start a business with my friend. So that wasn’t really a decision. But there was a point where we had this, product is beacon jam and sold really well online. And it was sort of like, Oh, I got this restaurant, and things are going on. Right. I wasn’t really in a great place at the time. I was drinking a lot at a failed relationship that, you know, sort of, you know, as close as you get to having a divorce without being divorced. So I’m in a bad place and the decision was Do I keep getting some passive income selling bacon jam online or like figure out is this a real business so we scraped I scraped up everything that I had my business partner we scraped up, you know, together. And we we’ve rented this very expensive at the time space at a Christmas market in Philly, the Philadelphia Christmas Village as basically like is this going to work? And is it a real product that people want, is it going to be real a real company, and if we’re going to fail, let’s fail fast. So it’s like pulling the trigger on like, putting out all your eggs in one basket and diving in to see if, if it was gonna, work and it turned out that it did. And here I am. You know, through fairly dark time I like but also having a fairly successful business that I’m very proud of.”

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