Ep: 245 – The Game of Self Domination with Natsune Oki

The Decision Hour
The Decision Hour
Ep: 245 - The Game of Self Domination with Natsune Oki

Natsune Oki is an Author, Host, Speaker and Entrepreneur.  She came to the United States and Studied Business and Economics. As she attended school she worked for several tech startups where she found her passion for entrepreneurship and her life mission in adding value in the progress of humanity.

All the way from Tokyo Japan, my friend Natsune Oki joins us this week and we discuss her book ‘The Game of Self Domination’ (Order here:https://bit.ly/39Ptexj) Take a listen as she explains why she felt she needed to write this book.

“I came to the conclusion that there is no purpose in life, right? And the purpose of life is what you give it. And for me, the purpose of life personally, is to live it totally. And what does that mean? For me to live a total life, it means that I, I can create contribution to the world, to the humanity to the progress of humanity, I want to help humanity to make progress in the into the next generation, right, as a humanity as a whole.” ~Natsune~

We also touch on her other business ventures a bit, she tells us about her show LifeupEducationTV (https://www.lifeupeducationtv.com) and how the content of the show is to make people feel loved, inspired and happy and how it all ties in with everything she does.

Natsune is a powerhouse of positivity who empowers people to be their best, to believe in themselves and to know that that anything is possible!


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