Ep: 240 – The Pedophile Hunter, Craig “Sawman” Sawyer

The Decision Hour
The Decision Hour
Ep: 240 - The Pedophile Hunter, Craig "Sawman" Sawyer

Craig “Sawman” Sawyer’s list of accomplishments is seemingly endless: Marine, Navy Seal, Federal Air Marshall, rhino anti-poaching advocate. He’s gained a certain level of notoriety from appearing on shows like Top Shot, Sniper: Deadliest Missions and Battleground: Rhino Wars. But these days Sawman has taken up a fight much closer to home. He launched the non-profit foundation Veterans for Child Rescue in an effort to end the domestic sex trafficking of children.

In this episode, we sit down with Sawman to learn about why he chose to take up this battle. We also talk about the movie, Contraland he produced. The shocking documentary is a must-watch by everyone. Sawman is committed to battling this evil and talks about the nefarious actors allowing this insidious activity to continue.

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