Ep: 238 – The Screaming Silence with Lanser Howard

The Decision Hour
The Decision Hour
Ep: 238 - The Screaming Silence with Lanser Howard

I sit down with Award Winning screenwriter and the Author of The Screaming Silence, Mr. Lanser Howard.  Lanser started his career as a journalist and then transitioned into film where he wrote and produced an award winning documentary film among other screenplays.  Nowadays he focuses his time on poetry which leads to his first full-length book called, “The Screaming Silence”  Buy it here: https://www.amazon.com/dp/1948461579

Lanser Howard has a “Day Job” but he moonlights as a writer, sharing his experiences with working with combat veterans, filtering their traumatic experiences and shows you their world after the smoke clears through his own eyes.   Mr. Howard leaves it all on paper, with his visceral, minimalistic style that takes the reader into a world that is dark and lonely, leaving one in search of hope and unwavering strength of self.

We talk about what it takes to share poems like this and we also talk about his own experiences with PTSD.

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