Ep: 196 – VetConnect founder, Mr. Zack Starr

Ep: 196 – VetConnect founder, Mr. Zack Starr
The Decision Hour

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This episode is based on an Inspiring True Story, listen in as one man shares his 2,650-mile journey through darkness. Our special guest for this episode is the founder of VetConnect Network, U.S. Navy Veteran, Mr. Zack Starr.   

Tune in as Zack takes you on “The Epic Mile”, his journey from Mexico to Canada on foot.  Hear what he learned on the trail, how he overcame a shoulder injury and how opening a garage door saved his life.   Zack Starr is also the founder of the VetConnect Network, a nonprofit with a goal of reconnecting veterans to hope, purpose and resources through film, art and media.  Check out his website at VetConnect.us

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