Ep: 013 – Technology won’t solve all of your problems

Team:5 Paragraph Community                                         Event type: Solo talk

Coordinator:Michael J. Penney                            Task organization: Podcast


Many people look to technology to solve their toughest problems. This includes organizing their vision and maintaining transparency. 

Use 5 Paragraph Business Plan to organize problems and crush them.

Mission:  Work in hard copy for one day. Focus your planning and organization efforts toward hard copy planning. Write out your plan with pen and paper. Illustrate it on the dry-erase board. Hard copy puts things “in stone”.


5 Paragraph’s intention is to increase team productivity by limiting the technology needed to get organized and commit action. 

Assemble your team. Put the 5 Paragraphs on the board. Ask for your team’s intelligence input.

Create a vision using 5 …

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