Ep: 015 – Brian Tomlinson – Logistics and Support with 5 Paragraph

Brian is a born and bred North Carolinian and an ardent patriot. He has spent a lifetime working on large scale projects with big organizations but his passion lies with helping medium sized businesses grow to compete among the highest ranks. While operating as the project manager at Sands Expo Center, Brian lead the team who pulled all of the wiring for the facility. If you’ve ever had a wifi signal while walking through S.H.O.T. Show, it’s because Brian and his team made it happen. 

Tomlinson has ran his own companies, primarily in concrete contracting and inspection on large scale projects. He had the required keen eye and an unparalleled understanding of concrete pour strategy; among other things. 

Brian works …

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Ep: 016 – Intrapreneurship

Team:5 Paragraph Community                                         Event type: Solo talk

Coordinator:Michael J. Penney                            Task organization: Podcast


Business leaders inside large organizations find it difficult to convey ideas to senior leadership. Conversely, senior leadership find it difficult to allow subordinate leaders ‘run amok’ with their ideas. – 5 Paragraph Business Plan empowers all leaders. 

Mission:  Put a plan into action using 5 Paragraph Business Plan to break down and task out ideas from senior leadership. Use 5 Paragraph Business Plan to back brief senior leadership on how actions will take place. 


Senior leadership puts vision down on paper for subordinates to digest. 

Senior leaders task subordinates with the initiatives that need to be done in order of phase/priority. 

Tasked leaders construct a 5 Paragraph …

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Ep: 014 – Nathan Hirsch Freeeup

Team:  5P / HMG ||  Freeeup.com                                Event type: Podcast Interview

Coordinator:    Michael J. Penney                   Task organization: Host – Guest

Nathan Hirsch – Freeeup.com

Situation – Fit freelancers with businesses in need. 

Problem: Create a space for connecting Freelancers and businesses.

Friendlys: Trusted by 5000+ businesses

Mission:FreeeUp recruits, interviews, and vets thousands of freelancers every month then gives you access to the top 1% of applicants.


Commander’s Intent: Change the hiring experience

Scheme of Maneuver: 

  • Vet freelancers
  • Skill attitude **** communication
    • 15 pages communication

40 % US   40% Phillipean     20% Global

Coordinating instructions: Hiring a freelancers

  • Create a Freeeup.com account
  • Request a freelancer
  • Get intros to 1-3 options
  • Hire or pass; give Freeeup feedback on why

            Customer pays freelancer >>> Freeeup takes 15%

Desired endstate: People …

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Ep: 013 – Technology won’t solve all of your problems

Team:5 Paragraph Community                                         Event type: Solo talk

Coordinator:Michael J. Penney                            Task organization: Podcast


Many people look to technology to solve their toughest problems. This includes organizing their vision and maintaining transparency. 

Use 5 Paragraph Business Plan to organize problems and crush them.

Mission:  Work in hard copy for one day. Focus your planning and organization efforts toward hard copy planning. Write out your plan with pen and paper. Illustrate it on the dry-erase board. Hard copy puts things “in stone”.


5 Paragraph’s intention is to increase team productivity by limiting the technology needed to get organized and commit action. 

Assemble your team. Put the 5 Paragraphs on the board. Ask for your team’s intelligence input.

Create a vision using 5 …

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012 – Delegation with 5P

Team:5 Paragraph                                                   Event type: 5P Podcast


Coordinator:Michael J. Penney                 Task organization: Solo talk



Delegation can be extraordinarily difficult for some leaders. It requires trusting people.


5 Paragraph Business Plan makes things easier for leaders with delegation issues


Mission:Build an executive vision for your team to work with so leaders at every level know when they are running out of the boundaries set by executive leadership.



5 Paragraph is intent on helping you delegate effectively


Build an executive vision

  • Outline the mission of the organization
  • Discuss the problems facing the organization
  • Share the capabilities and limitations of your team and supporting elements
  • Outline the seasonal effects on the organization and your team
  • Layout the
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