Ep: 198 – What does GHOSTING mean

When you hear the word “Ghosting” what do you think of?  In this episode, we are going to discuss ghosting.  Not talking about ghosts or some secondary image on a display screen. We are talking about the ghosting someone does in a relationship weather its personal or business. 

You will hear us give some examples from a personal stance but also a business side of things.  QUESTION: Have you worked with someone or another business then all of a sudden, there is no communication? If so, perhaps you got ghosted.  Find out more, tune in and listen.

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Ep: 195 – Healing Through EFT & Hypnotherapy with Shawnda Bauer

Very Special Guest for you today as we talk with Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) and Professional Hypnotherapist, Shawnda Bauer. 

What does EFT and a Hypnotherapist do?  Listen in as Shawnda answers those questions and explains how it all works.  You will also hear Adam’s recent experience with working with Shawnda, what it was like and how it helped him.  Schedule an appointment with Shawnda on her website at

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Ep: 191 – Sean Litzenberger, Founder at Delirious

In this episode we talk with Navy veteran and Founder of Mr. Sean Litzenberger. 

Take a listen as Sean talks about his transition from the military and how working out on a “Sunday FunDay” lead to the creation of Delirious  Sean is a financial advisor by day but always looking to help others.  If you are in the San Diego California area OR in Springfield, Missouri areas then gout out with a group at the park on a weekend. 

For “Sunday Funday” locations check out

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Ep: 190 – Team Addo Founder, Mr. James Boggs.

Take a listen as we sit down for an exclusive interview with Team Addo Founder, Mr. James Boogs. James spent 20+ years serving our country, he started in the United States Marine Corps, retired as a UH- 60 Helicopter Pilot in the U.S. Army and spent some time as a Law Enforcement Officer. James discusses how Team Addo was formed in 2014 and what they have done for our nations heroes since.  We asked, why start this organization? “I’m following my calling from my Lord and Savior” ~James Boggs

Team Addo started a “Veterans Closet” the first of its kind in the Tampa Bay area where they team up with Men’s Warehouse to outfit veterans with a FULL suite! NOTE: Ladies, they are …

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The American Veterans Ball

Ep: 189 – American Veterans Ball – Founder Ozzy Ramos

The American Veterans Ball (AVB) was founded by U.S. Marine Corps Veteran and Mr. Ozzy Ramos.   Did you go to your service ball while you were in the military?  Well, now you can have that experience and more.  Take a listen as we talk with Ozzy about how AVB was started, what they are doing to help, support and empower our nations heroes today.

If you haven’t been to this ball, you really need to attend and you have a chance this year! The last ball had a 650+ turnout and was a lot of fun! Get your tickets here

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