Ep: 023 – Who’s Packing Your Parachute

Welcome to Health Beat your Healthy Habit Zone!  This episode is titled “Who’s Packing Your Parachute?”  Host Brian Hazelgren tells a story about Captain, USNR, (Ret) Charles Plumb, a Fighter Pilot who on his 75th mission and less then a week before the end of his tour in Vietnam, was shot  and spent nearly 6 years as a Prisoner Of War.  Fast forward many years, he tells the story of a man he met while sitting in a dinner,  that man knew who Charles Plumb was, just so happened they served on the same aircraft carrier.  The man was the one that packed Captain Plumb parachute.  Listen in as Brian explain what happens next and how we all need that …

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Ep: 022 – After the Storm

When you think of a storm what comes to mind, rain, thunder, lighting, wind perhaps.  What happens after the storm?

We often equate our trials or hard times in life with storms and rainy days.  With every hard trial, there is a rainbow and blessing that will come our way.  If you are going through a storm in your life right now, have faith!  Storms are only temporary, focus on the rainbows, focus on the blessings, focus on being positive.

What happens if it doesn’t rain?  Why is rain so important in our lives?

The thing is, if it never rains, we can never grow.

Be sure to grab my book “Positive People Make Things Happen” on my website https://brianhazelgren.com/books/and …

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Ep: 021 – Happiness Is A Choice

Health Beat IS YOUR heathy habit zone.  In this episode, Host Brian Hazelgren talks about, happiness being a choice and the decision to be happy.  When you chose to be happy it’s the end result of certain thoughts and actions we have, those thoughts, actions, bring out a chemical reaction in the body and the brain. 

YOU have the control weather you want to be happy or not!  When you choose to be happy you smile more, say thank you more, people are attracted to you like a moth to a flame. Make a conscious effort to be to laugh thought out the day, you will notice that you will feel better and also feel more positive in life overall.  …

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Ep: 020 – Being Flexible and Versatile

It’s time for your Healthy Habit Zone! This episode Host Brian Hazelgren talks about the importance of Flexibility, Versatility and overall being adaptable. He discusses the positives and negative effects Flexibility and Versatility each have on one’s daily life and breaks down what each one means. 

People who have adaptability are both flexible and versatile.  What does that mean?  Take a listen and find out!  You’ll want to take notes on this one! 

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