The Dirty Little Secret of Abolishing Police

With the tragic death of George Floyd has come a renewed interest in ramming through punitive policy to kneecap law enforcement in high-crime communities. These policy prescriptions are rooted in raw emotion rather than facts, and their support has been amassed through fear rather than sensibility. What initially began as a unified condemnation of police brutality in a specific case has now grown into an indictment of the country writ large and a movement away from solutions to actually solve problems. The short-term game is about signaling unquestioning commitment; the long-term strategy involves a sacrifice of urban communities of color for the sake of a particular political agenda.

Much of politics now is about signaling commitment to a cause instead …

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Is There Enough Racism to Meet Demand?

There is a demand for racism in America. The reason for this demand is not because America is a racist country, or because American institutions or the American people, broadly, are racist. It exists because of those particular politicians and members of the media who seem to desire instances of racism which they can utilize to support their political agenda. They’re not racist themselves, but the existence of racism would positively serve their agenda.

Their tactics are dangerously simple: read racism into naked disparities or questionable circumstances without clear evidence, impute racism to the country at large, and then use this monumental accusation to justify tearing down the system and remolding it into some unspecified ideal. The problem for them …

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