Your Story Your Strength Series from the Camouflaged Sisters

Join Award Winning Author Lila Holley as she interviews the Co-Authors go the new book ‘Behind the Rank’.  Here is a snippet from the Your Story Your Strength Series.

“With each Camouflaged Sisters book project we’ve experienced the healing power of putting pen to paper and better understand the incredible power our words have. In this series, we interview coauthors from the next Camouflaged Sisters book, Behind the Rank and learn how they’ve been able to regain personal strength by sharing their individual stories.”  ~Lila Holley~

Lila:  And, so, I’m so excited to be able to bring these amazing ladies before you.  I am talking with Csilla Toth and Tawanda Harris.  They are coauthors in the next Camouflaged Sisters book …

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