Why Are They Here

Today we watch as the south regions number one seed the Xavier Musketeers take on the Texas Southern Tigers. Xavier has been on a tear in the Big East with an impressive 28-5 overall and 15-3 conference record.  The Tigers enter today’s game with a losing record and I’m not sure why they are here, maybe they can change my mind.


Xavier touting an early season win over cross town rival and West region number two seed Cincinnati (89-76). The Bearcats punched their ticket to the next round earlier.  It’s hard not to look to the future and the possibility of such a rivalry meeting in the final four.

Xavier draws first blood with a three and then turns …

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The tale of two teams Defense Vs. Offense 

If you are a fan of defense and think as I do it wins games, then today we either get to prove or disprove that additive. Nevada comes in with the top 10 offense in the country while Texas dotes the top 10 defense in the country. It’s hard not to mention Longhorn standout Mo Bamba who standing at 6’11and a future NBA pick along with his 6’9 245 pound power forward Dylan Osetkowski score at will. However, when it comes to experience that is reserved for the six out of seven scholarship players from Nevada who have been to the dance before, two of which played in sweet Sixteen. Now we find out, defense verse offense, raw talent and …

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Butler Bulldogs Advance in NCAA Tournament

Beginning the game on a 21-2 run, the Butler Bulldogs seemed to be poised to perform yet another upset in the first round of the NCAA Tournament.  However, the madness was just getting started.  Despite the hot start from Butler, Arkansas wasn’t going to back down.  The Razorbacks responded with a 27-6 run of their own to take a 2-point lead with 3:48 remaining in the first half.

With the score 27-13 in favor of Butler, Arkansas freshman Daniel Gafford blocked what looked to be an easy layup for Butler’s Tyler Wideman.  The terrific effort play from the 6’11 forward catapulted a 16-0 run for Arkansas.

Not to be rattled, a composed Bulldogs team closed out the half on a …

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No.2 Cincinnati moves to the next round.

How can you not be excited about a game that features one team coming off of a four-game winning streak while the other has won seven straight games in a row. The Cincinnati Bearcats have won both the regular season and tournament of the American Athletic Conference, a team known or the tenacity on defense along with four players averaging 10 points and a bench to support. Today we will find out if that is enough to stop the Sun Belt tournament champs, as the Panthers come off four straight wins behind their 21-point scorer D’Marcus Simonds who can score at will.


The Bearcats came out with their starters Evans, Jenifer, Clark, Washington, and Cumberland while the Panthers came …

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