“The Hidden Scourge” and President Trump, the CodeTalking POTUS

It all started with covfefe.

“He’s such a blathering idiot, he can’t even spell,” screamed the Buzzfeed reporter, a gender studies PhD who still lives with he/her/its parents in a cramped Brooklyn apartment & doesn’t understand the ridiculousness of directing that statement to an IQ >150 billionaire who’s made & lost fortunes and re-emerged from bankruptcy to billions multiple times.

But for the cynics among us, those of us who remembered that Donald Trump has been saying the same thing in interviews for decades (often with people who he was chummy with back then, but who quickly turned to hurl epithets his way when he put his hat in the ring to run against Hillary Clinton), something didn’t add up.…

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Paid Propaganda Will Be The End of the MSM

By Robert Patrick Lewis

It must be a pretty tough time to be an executive, talking head or “journalist” at one of the MSM networks these days.

Not only are they facing multiple multi-hundred million dollar lawsuits for libeling and attacking teenagers with zero investigation of the truth, were just proven wrong over their collusion delusion antics of the past two years and have record breaking low viewers, but the writing on the wall shows that the worst news of all is about to deliver their coup de grace.

President Trump has taken a lot of heat from the left over comments they claim to be lies, but if you have an attention span longer than that of a fruit …

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President Trump Owns the Republican Party

Over the weekend, Jeb Bush encouraged the Republican Party to pose a challenge to President Trump’s reelection. “I think someone should run,” Bush noted. “Just because Republicans ought to be given a choice [between ideologies] that are dynamic, that focus on the world we’re in and the world we’re moving towards rather than [ideologies that] revert back to a nostalgic time.”

The former Florida governor, as you recall, received one delegate out of the required 1,237 necessary to secure the nomination during the 2016 GOP primaries. Trump, on the other hand, received 1,542 delegates en route to securing the nomination and ultimately the presidency. While Bush himself would likely fare terribly in a rematch against the president, we are …

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Vindication for President Trump, Proof of Guilt for Obama, the DNC and Media

On March 14, 2017 President Trump erupted with a series of tweets that accused Barack Obama of wiretapping him. Of course the press was quick to excoriate him for these claims, but slowly over the past two years we have seen evidence slowly released showing that these claims, as with most of President Trump’s, were absolutely accurate.

It’s funny that the media doesn’t spend too much time filling in the details of how they got it so wrong, nor the accurate timeline of Admiral Rogers (then head of the NSA) making a secret trip to Trump Tower, which was followed by then President-elect Trump moving his entire staff to one of his resorts until a proper sweep and de-bugging could …

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Heroes Media Group Honors Trump at Salute Our Armed Services Inaugural Ball

Washington, DC – Heroes Media Group, LLC

Hosted in the stunning and uber-picturesque hall at the National Building Museum, the “Salute Our Armed Services Ball” enjoyed a grand evening saluting our military members, police professionals, firefighters and their families.  Tony Orlando hosted the event and roused the crowd with his 1973 hit, “Tie a Yellow Ribbon Round the Ole Oak Tree,” which remains a favorite for service members today.

President Trump, the First Lady, Vice President Pence and his spouse arrived shortly after 11 p.m. to great applause.  Trump spoke to the crowd and then communicated via satellite with deployed service members in Afghanistan.

“You are great people. I have your back,” said Trump before dancing with his wife for …

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