About Tired

Well it is national nap day. It is celebrated annually to follow the return of daylight savings time. We must aim to give ourselves more rest to promote better productivity, relaxation and contentment. I’m tired. You are tired. We are tired. It’s all tired. The hours worked for my fellow Heroes, Service members, Veterans, Firefighters, First Responders, Law Enforcement, Educators, Medical Professionals, and Clergy work on average about 40 plus hours a week with 12 to 24 hour work days or shifts. How do you find the balance? On top of those hours worked it is common for people who work in these fields to have trouble sleeping or suffer from interrupted sleep conditions giving the average Heroes, Service members, …

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How the Left’s Identity Politics Is Polarizing the Nation

According to folks on the left, an individual can be judged based upon his or her identity. Rather than acknowledging the fact that each person is an individual human being complete with unique and varying personal experiences molding their belief systems and ambitions, the left has decided that it is possible to determine a person’s identity based solely on their group’s experience both historically and presently. The left seeks to unite and include people of all races, gender, religions, and cultures in its wonderful utopia of social justice, but, through the incessant summoning of intersectional identity politics, has divided this country and fractured its social fabric into a million identical pieces.


In 1989, a feminist scholar by the name …

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