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For Immediate Release: Team Harmon Partners with Veterans 4 Child Rescue Denver, North Carolina (August 29th, 2018) Big Announcement coming from Team Harmon this week as they officially announce a partnership with Vets 4 Child Rescue (V4CR) a non profit organization founded by one of our nations Heroes Mr. Craig “Sawman” Sawyer.  V4CR was created in […]

San Antonio, TX, August 22, 2018 – With the recent release of the fourth book in the series and two more projects in the works, Camouflaged Sisters has become that go to organization for women Veterans to share their stories. It is through this storytelling that these 70 coauthors and many more Veterans have healed. […]

Most of us, if not all of us, have tasted failure in our lives.  We set a goal, we got excited about that goal, and then we failed or we didn’t meet our own expectations, and we gave up. But the problem wasn’t that the goal was too high, it’s that we didn’t expect to […]

In planning for financial security in retirement, an annuity cansatisfy two basic objectives: 1. To accumulate retirement assets on a tax-deferred basis: If you’re alreadycontributing the maximum to IRAs and any employer-sponsored retirement plans andneed to save more for retirement, a deferred annuity may be the answer to yourretirement savings need. 2. To convert retirement […]

Did You Know That…  Qualified Retirement Plans Tend to Discriminate AGAINST the Highly Compensated?  The restrictions placed on qualified retirement plans strictly limit the size of the benefits that can be accrued for highly-compensated employees. When compared to the benefits provided to lower-paid employees, these limitations can produce a “reverse discrimination” effect that results in […]

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