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Gone are the days of our parents and grandparents in which retirement after working for a company for twenty years earned you a gold watch, pension and comfortable golden years.  The removal of pension plans from most major companies has angered many, but if you put yourself in the shoes of the owners and/or managers […]

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE November 2, 2017   Media Contact: Adam Bird Phone: 202-656-7859 Email: [email protected]   PHOENIX 20171106 — Heroes Media GroupTM  announces new partnership with GreenZone Hero. They are joining the HMG Family with their new show “Straight Outta Combat Radio.”   “I knew when I met John Krotec and started to understand his […]

Let’s learn about stocks and investing.  Does that thought give you the creeps?  I hope that this article will help alleviate that and give enough background to at least help you be less worried about the endeavor of looking at the stock market. My goal here is not only helping you to understand what’s going […]

I’ve been watching the news with clenched teeth and a heavy heart for the past few weeks, hearing all of the nonsense regarding the tragedy in Niger and understanding just how juvenile both the “journalists” reporting on the subject and politicians discussing it are.   I say this because as a US Army Special Forces […]

Annual Georgetown University event will energize, educate and inspire attendees to take charge of their physical, mental and spiritual health. From New York Times bestselling authors and medical doctors to wellness leaders and trainers, the diverse lineup of speakers at this year’s Achieving Optimal Health Conference that took place on October 14 all shared one […]

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