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Those Who Forget History

Once upon a time the word Nazi was used to describe members of the National Socialist Worker’s German Party, the followers of Adolf Hitler who committed terrible atrocities leading up to and during World War II, including attempted genocide and state-sponsored murder on a horrific scale.

But in the short time since the 2016 United States Presidential election, the term Nazi has morphed from this very specific definition to a label from the left to use in its attempt to take down anyone whose views & beliefs fall anywhere on the political spectrum outside of the extreme left (which, interestingly enough, is precisely where Hitler and his total government control, police-state leftist Democratic Socialists existed).

Anti-abortion? Nazi. Want secure borders? …

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The Great America

HMG Guest Writer: Alvaro Daza

This is a story of Alvaro journey while he was in the America.

It is enough to sleep to imagine the famous American dream that has been talked about for so long, that which consists of achieving what you propose in a country that has been for decades a recipient of people from all countries that we can imagine. 

United States, is one of those places where you are surprised, beyond the random things you can think, there is a lot of learning just imaginable from the perspective of now. 

When I arrived in America, I entered Houston before the astonished look of a security guard who let me in, thank God, without a return …

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Why Boundaries On Social Media Are A Must…

I’ve been a writer since I was in high school. I began writing for The Flint Journal when I was in 10th Grade for a newspaper they had called WORD UP. I’ve always liked to write and I have always interacted with people one way or another after writing an article. I was also the Editor in Chief of a newspaper for teenagers in the early 2000’s. 

I have been a talk show host discussing an array of topics from military life to everyday life since 2006. I’ve met many amazing people over the years thanks to blogging and podcasting. Many write in to give their opinions and feedback, either online or back in the day, via snail mail to …

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Heroes Media Group Podcasting Services

As a platform dedicated to providing a voice for America’s military, law enforcement, first responders, and all those who support them, Heroes Media Group offers a plethora of services to aid members of the community in their quest to forward their message. As a member of the HMG family, one of the many tools at your disposal is our network of podcasting services which can be utilized to specifically target your intended audience, enhance your content marketing efforts, and build your respective brand or business.

With Offices in Arizona and Washington, D.C., Heroes Media Group is home to twenty incredible podcasts covering expansive and intriguing topics ranging from firearms and weapons (The Arms Room) to making extraordinary decisions …

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laptop and books

The Internet’s Impact on Learning

The information age is upon us. Rather accurately named, as the further development of news outlets and the birth of the internet have made the dissemination of information easier and faster than any previous era of human history. While this comes with it’s own hiderences, like the newfound ways to falsify information. Over all the positive impacts of the internet outweigh the negatives; like the influence it has on learning. In terms of events that have significantly altered human history, the creation of the internet rivals that of the printing press. The mass manufacturing and distribution of books vastly increased the opportunities for more people to learn. The internet has done functionally the same thing, on an even more massive …

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