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7 Powerful Oprah Quotes to Influence You to Live Your Best Life!

According to Webster’s dictionary, the definition of influence means a person or thing with the capacity or power to have an effect on someone or something.  If you don’t know by now, Oprah Winfrey is one of the most influential people in America. 

During the 90’s, Oprah started showcasing her favorite things on her talk show.  Business owners who were experiencing a slump in sales, benefited from Oprah selecting and advertising their products on her show.  Oprah was spreading that black girl magic dust in the air long before the term gained popularity on social media.  Business owners quickly experienced an increase in sales and had a hard time keeping up with the demand for their products.   If Oprah can influence consumers to spend trillions …

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“The Real State of the Veteran-Owned Business World” (I Promise Not To Make You Sick)

A comment was made to me several months ago by a Fortune 500 top-level executive. I was approaching them on the subject of my own company and before I could describe it, this is what he said, “John, I know you’re a veteran, so please don’t take offense…but, if I see another apparel, coffee, or gadget veteran start-up business, I’m going to get sick!” He actually used the S-word. Sheepishly, I chuckled because he was speaking of me as well. But, oh boy, I was miffed inside. I so wanted to react and let him have it. I wanted to defend my veteran brothers, sisters, and myself who had the courage to believe in something bigger than ourselves AND to start a business of …

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President Trump Should Never Have Declared a National Emergency

On Thursday, the Senate rightfully voted to shoot down President Trump’s declaration of a national emergency intended to obtain funding for a border wall. While the construction and maintenance of a sufficient barrier is incumbent upon any sovereign state in order to ensure the safety of its people, the president’s wall was dead when Congress killed it; and, furthermore, his national emergency declaration was dead on arrival.

On the campaign trail, then-candidate Donald Trump promised voters that his administration would oversee the funding and construction of a wall along the U.S. southern border and, of course, that Mexico would pay for it. President Trump then spent the first two years of his tenure unsuccessfully forwarding this agenda until his plans …

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“Living A Life in 3D” (Tactics that Work)

[Definition: A drill sergeant is a symbol of excellence in initial entry army training, an expert in all warrior tasks and battle-drills, lives the Army values, exemplifies the warrior ethos, and most importantly- is the epitome of the Army as a profession.]

I remember the first time I heard something poignant about the realities of life. It was when I was an Army recruit going through my Basic Training and it came from a drill sergeant. Here’s the story: My platoon had once again found itself half right, face and holding the front-lean-and-rest position in a muddy field. The Senior Drill Sergeant with his cadre nearby was giving us another ration of his philosophy about life. It was nothing but …

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Vindication for President Trump, Proof of Guilt for Obama, the DNC and Media

On March 14, 2017 President Trump erupted with a series of tweets that accused Barack Obama of wiretapping him. Of course the press was quick to excoriate him for these claims, but slowly over the past two years we have seen evidence slowly released showing that these claims, as with most of President Trump’s, were absolutely accurate.

It’s funny that the media doesn’t spend too much time filling in the details of how they got it so wrong, nor the accurate timeline of Admiral Rogers (then head of the NSA) making a secret trip to Trump Tower, which was followed by then President-elect Trump moving his entire staff to one of his resorts until a proper sweep and de-bugging could …

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