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Heroes Media Group Launches New Book Publishing Services

Washington, DC – Heroes Media Group 

The same great broadcast station that supports our Hero network is providing a super new service to their listeners.  Heroes Media Group is ready to publish your story.  Heroes who have always wanted to tell their story by writing a book, now, have the tools and support from Heroes Publish.  

“Camouflaged Sisters was created to empower military women and women Veterans to own the narrative of their stories. A partnership with Heroes Publish allows us to do just that and so much more,” said Lila Holley, Veteran and creator of Camouflaged Sisters.  “We couldn’t be more excited about being on this journey with the team at Heroes Media Group to help more military members and Veterans share their …

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Pete Buttigieg Is Not a Moderate

On Sunday night, Mayor Pete Buttigieg of South Bend, Indiana appeared on Fox News to discuss policy amid his run for president in 2020. Mayor Pete is clever, articulate, and very charismatic. He’s also as radical a leftist as the fanatical Democratic field currently boasts. This, despite the misleading aura of judicious moderacy he projects to a growing base of supporters.

Over the past several months, Buttigieg has expressed notably appealing sentiment which may be alluring to wary conservatives potentially seeking an out amid their frustration with an unpopular Trump administration. On the campaign trial, Mayor Pete declared, “Freedom does not belong to just one political party” and “security is not a Left or Right issue.” In March, he won …

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Immigration Ought to Be Based on Merit

On Thursday, President Trump delivered a Rose Garden address in which he detailed his administration’s emerging plan to overhaul the U.S. immigration system and incorporate a merit-based process designed to “create a fair, modern and lawful system of immigration for the United States,” as opposed to the current “dysfunctional legal immigration process.” While the left has continued to persevere in its resistance, President Trump must persevere in fulfillment of his latest promise.

Thus far, Democrats haven’t been very clear about their opposition to merit-based immigration, only to fairly unrelated aspects of President Trump’s plan for enforcing it—Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY) condemned the proposal as being “partisan” and radically “anti-immigration,” with Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) adding a rebuke of the plan’s …

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Joe Biden’s Climate Change Approach Is A Deal Breaker for Democrats

Former Vice President Joe Biden is going to have a terribly difficult time navigating the rough waters within his own radicalized party along the turbulent primary voyage. Over the course of thirty-six years as a U.S. Senator from Delaware, the moderate Biden racked up a laundry list of pockmarks on his voting record which his 2020 Democratic competition will invariably exploit as evidence of insufficient radicalism. While Biden very likely has the best shot at upending President Trump in 2020, crabs in a bucket never let each other out, particular when one of the crustaceans doesn’t care enough about climate change.

This week, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) ripped Joe Biden for his moderate approach to climate change, which she condemned …

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Chocolate Chip Cookies (Then and Now)

Everyone has accidents. Throughout human history, accidents have actually ending up producing some of the most long-lived and well loved products we know. For example: penicillin, waffle cones, doughnut holes, and slinkies just to name a few. One of history’s most beloved bakery items falls under this category; the chocolate chip cookie!  

Whitman, massachusetts 1938. The Toll House Inn is as busy as ever, as their main advertisement is quality home cooked food. Toll House runs out of it’s best-selling item, chocolate cookies. The head chef, Ruth Graves Wakefield, had run out of the dough for the chocolate cookies. So, she broke up pieces of her baker’s chocolate and mixed them into the dough, thinking it would produce the …

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