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Medical Emergency Preparation

When people think of preparing for emergencies, stocking up on food, water and equipment is the first thing that comes to mind. This might be followed by training with the new equipment, but only to a limited degree. We start to plan and prepare for what could happen and how we can make it through. Usually, the idea of the end of the world is associated with “prepping,” even though it’s a low-risk event. Why not start preparing for situations that we can encounter on a daily basis?

Medical emergencies play no favorites. It can happen to anyone, at any time and anywhere. Whether you are prepared for it or not, it will happen and something will need to be …

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Theme Word 2019: Wellness

Happy New Year!  What is your theme word for 2019?  A theme word is similar to New Year’s resolutions, but the word is descriptive of your intended journey throughout the New Year.  My theme word is “Wellness.”

Are you in “charge” of your health care or do you nod in agreement with whatever your physicians decide?  Be proactive! I challenge you to be the “CEO” of your health care team.  I have a great doctor/patient relationship with all of my physicians.  I know my symptoms and I know what works and what doesn’t work. Be an “informed” patient. Find a physician you feel comfortable with and come to your medical appointments prepared.  Ask questions, take notes, bring someone with you, …

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Congressional Record to one of our Nations Heroes, Dr. Hans Mumm

We recently had the honor to witness a friend, Dr. Hans Mumm, receive recognition for his government service as both military and a civilian. Some of you might remember the “Iraqi Regime Playing Cards, Top 55 most wanted List”… That was Dr. Hans Mumm creation.  Dr. Mumm has done some amazing things over the years.. Watch the video as Congressman Rob Wittman does a presentation of Legislation Honoring Dr. Hans Mumm.…

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Support Jared Allen’s Homes for Wounded Warriors and Be Dana White’s VIP Guest at UFC 232 in Las Vegas

About JAH4WW: Created in 2009 by retired 5-time Pro Bowl and 4-time All-Pro NFL defensive end Jared Allen, Jared Allen’s Homes for Wounded Warriors raises money to build injury-specific, accessible, mortgage-free homes for combat-wounded veterans returning home from Iraq and Afghanistan. Your donation will make a positive, life-changing difference in the lives of some of our nation’s most catastrophically wounded veterans. Thanks to your generosity, Jared Allen’s Homes for Wounded Warriors will continue to improve and enhance the daily lives of wounded veterans and their families.

About the contest: With two epic title fights, UFC 232 is one of the most anticipated cards of all time. And you’re going as Dana White’s VIP guest! You’ll grab a friend and head

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A Burning Desire

It has been 19 years since bonfire collapsed and if the University had it their way it never would have been built again. Fortunately the tradition has been carried on off campus.

Bonfire is constructed by hand. Trees are Cut with axes, shouldered out of the Woods to tractor paths, hauled to Load Site by tractor, shouldered again and loaded onto trucks, and transported to Stack Site where they are unloaded and sorted.  Why lead with a story about bonfire instead of immediately talking about one of the greatest games in history?  Because to understand Texas A&M you must know bonfire is the undying flame of love that every loyal Aggie carries in their heart for the school.

Although A&M …

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