Written by on 04/30/2020

These masks are NOT N95/surgical-grade masks. Instead, they are the masks recommended be worn in public to protect your fellow citizen, co-worker, neighbor, or fan-in-the-seat around you.

The masks are:?

1) Quality Facial Covering?

2) Easy to use, one-piece design 

3) Comfort fit nose, chin, and ear support

4) 85% Polyester – 15% Spandex 

5) Double Knit?

6) One size fits most

7) Available in children’s sizes (not infant)?

8) Washable and reusable 

9) Printed, cut & sewn in the USA?

10) Subject to availability 

11) Because they are personal items, they are sold as is with no returns. 

Mammoth is able to customize the masks. Our clients are beginning to procure masks for branding opportunities, putting their logo/slogan/URL on the masks while protecting their fellow citizen. Costs include taxes but not shipping. Mammoth gladly accepts ETF, ACH, GPC, PAYPAL, VENMO and credit cards (CC fees apply – 3%).

Mammoth is ready to complete custom/branded masks for your business. Customization requires an order of 512 masks or more. Remember, these masks are washable and reusable – not a one-time use mask. Feel free to contact me for additional pricing information at [email protected].

Although we have quite a few clients creating great custom logo-ed masks, black (or white) masks seem to work well with all professional attire and uniforms. If you are looking for a lesser number for your family, neighborhood, or small office (below 512), we are happy to provide those as well. Those will not have a custom design (see photos) but have some unique options and may be procured at

Mammoth is also selling the same mask in a two-ply option. The 2nd ply options allows for mask wearers to add a filter as per the CDC’s guidance.

Quite a few manufacturers are selling masks. However, delivering masks to the customer has challenged companies with 45-60 later delivery dates and outright cancellations. As of mid-April

2020, Mammoth is shipping all orders between 512 items to 5000 items within 10 days of the government purchase order or for private clients upon complete payment; quantities over 5000 items are best ship rate.

Thank you for your consideration of a verified Service- Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business. Be safe.

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