Gods and Monsters

Written by on 03/23/2023

Join Mike and Raf as they dive into a topic that we can all relate to. And that is, the duality of man. In essence, they talk about the differences and nuances that can make someone commit from being a God to a Monster, or vise versa. And we could think of no better example than the Nazi prison guards, that committed untold atrocities against humanity. Ultimately murdering over 6 million and tortured and violating untold numbers. Deliberate torture, and palpable hatred for similarly humans, who simply had a different culture. In the same day, these men and women, would go home to their wives and husbands, and children. There, as they stepped through those doors, they seemingly became the loving husband or wife, father and mothers to children. And the further the boys discuss it, the more they come to realize that the ability to tap into both of those abilities in yourself is not mutually exclusive to a Nazi in the 1940s or a Khmer Brother in 1970. This very delicate balance of being a Monster or a God can happen to any person, any organization, or group of people. Thanks for joining us as they talk about an uncommon topic that they feel should be discussed. If for nothing else, to understand what makes us tick.

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