Redskins Blow Opportunity, Postseason In Jeopardy After 38-14 Loss

All the momentum generated from the Thanksgiving Day win over the New York Giants fizzled as Washington failed to rise to the occasion and lost 38-14 to the Dallas Cowboys on Thursday night. The loss all but eliminates the Redskins from the postseason. Sitting at 5-7, head coach Jay Gruden and company would need to win out and still get some help in order to qualify for the playoffs.

The win was the first for the Cowboys since losing star running back Ezekiel Elliott to a six-game suspension. Quarterback Dak Prescott, who had been in a serious funk over the last several weeks, finally got himself right. Prescott didn’t have great numbers – 11-for-22 for 102 yards – but he …

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Where is Jordan Reed?

Its week 10 of the NFL season and yet it seems like we’ve barely seen Jordan Reed. So far all we’ve seen is a shell of his past glory. Sure, he’s been on the field this year, sure there have been flashes or his elite talent and a few times where you would think to yourself “he back!”, but sadly that is not the case. Walk around FedEx field and ask the fans, you’ll hear them say “”He’s a difference maker” or “Concussions are severely hurting his career”. One fan shared my exact thoughts “At some point the Redskins have to move on”.

We all know somebody who drafted Jordan Reed high in their fantasy league. We all told ourselves …

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Redskins Fall to Chiefs in Week 4

The Redskins fell to the Chiefs at Arrowhead on Monday Night Football but several Redskins fans found themselves asking a confusing question… what is a catch? The NFL for several years now has struggled to explain why a runner crossing the end zone line with the ball is deemed “in” for a touchdown regardless of what happens the split second after while a receiver who catches a ball and lands inbounds isn’t afford the same courtesy.

Last night, on a 3rd and 2 late in the game the Redskins opted to take a shot at the end zone. Josh Doctson ran an excellent route, turned to find the ball, caught it with two hands, twisted, landed, but was considered to …

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Todd Gurley Silencing the Critics

If you are a fantasy football lover like me, you may have faint memories of Todd Gurley being a lit match in the dumpster fire that was your 2016 team. In his first season, 2015, Gurley ended the season with 10 touchdowns. He rushed for 1106 yds in 13 games and was selected to the Pro Bowl. In 2016, Gurley struggled, finishing out the season with just 6 TD’s and 885 rushing yards. Here we are on September 22, 2017, Gurley has already matched his 2016 total with 6 TD’s just three games into the season. In addition, Gurley leads the league in rushing attempts with  63 attempts for 241 yds.  Gurley is on pace to have the explosive year …

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Patriots Player Power Rankings: Week 3

Alright Pats fans, here’s the first change to the Patriots Player Power Rankings in the 2017-2018 NFL season.  And it’s a good thing that I’m putting these changes out every two weeks instead of every week, because only a couple players deserved to even be noticed after the Patriots got beat down by the Chiefs in week one.  But thank God for the Saints and that usually horrible defense, which allowed the Patriots offense to get back on track to a level close to what fans are used to seeing them at.  Granted, week two was nowhere close to a perfect game, but with injuries already piling up on all sides of the ball, I think it was about as …

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