Heroes Finance 101: Understanding Retirement Plans

Gone are the days of our parents and grandparents in which retirement after working for a company for twenty years earned you a gold watch, pension and comfortable golden years.  The removal of pension plans from most major companies has angered many, but if you put yourself in the shoes of the owners and/or managers of those companies it makes sense.

Pension plans were created when the average lifespan was decades shorter than they are today, and while breakthroughs in health and medical technology have helped our society by allowing us to live longer and watch our grandchildren grow up, it’s causing great strain on those financial plans which are being pushed longer than ever anticipated.

I’m a rather stubborn

Special Forces in Niger: Commentary from a Former Green Beret Who Helped Start the Mission a Decade Ago

I’ve been watching the news with clenched teeth and a heavy heart for the past few weeks, hearing all of the nonsense regarding the tragedy in Niger and understanding just how juvenile both the “journalists” reporting on the subject and politicians discussing it are.  

I say this because as a US Army Special Forces Medic (18D) I was attached to one of the first ODAs into Niger a decade ago, and wrote about that experience in my book, “Love Me When I’m Gone: The True Story of Life, Love and Loss for a Green Beret in Post-9/11 War,” which was published in 2012.

I actually took the time to go through the Pentagon’s Office of Security Review and receive clearance

Heroes Finance 101 : Introduction

What do you know about money, finance, investing and retirement savings?  If you’re like the vast majority of Americans, probably not much.  Do your eyes gloss over when the news starts talking about the economy or someone at your work begins talking about retirement plans?  

Join the club.

I was in your boat not that long ago.  My family left me some money when my grandparents passed away, and even though I had a trust-appointed financial advisor, I had no clue what he was talking about.  He’d recommend stocks and I pretty much just followed him blindly.  And then the internet bubble burst in 2000 and “blue chip” stocks that made up much of my portfolio became worthless overnight.


Why An Admitted Liar Is Better Than A False Prophet

Why An Admitted Liar Is Better Than A False Prophet

           Of all the commentary, results, banter and speeches surrounding the night of the Ohio primary this week, there was one line above all that truly stood out to me. And interestingly enough, it was from John Kasich, the Ohio Governor who has not been known for his speech prowess or one-liners from this campaign:

            “I refuse to take the low road to the highest office in the land.”

It was an excellent, well thought-out presidential statement. But way too late to do any good.

Fox News (and I’m sure all the others as well) included every political pundit under the sun to weigh-in and give their opinion in the wait …

To Refugee or Not to Refugee

by Robert Patrick Lewis


There is a massive movement going on in the global population these days, and I don’t mean environmental activism or putting a French flag skin on your Facebook profile. Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock and abstaining from social media and any form of news (in which case congratulations, you’re a better person than the rest of us) you probably know that I’m referring to the Syrian (and many other nations not really being discussed) migration under way.


There are a lot of different ways to look at what’s going on, and depending on which side of the political spectrum or what news channel you watch you’d either define this as a crisis, …