The Push for Socialism: Another Chernobyl in the Making

By Robert Patrick Lewis

Nearly three decades after the end of the Cold War and the battle between capitalism and communism, we’re beginning to see a peculiar resurgence of a virus which we thought had been eradicated from the west.

Many a misguided youth, led by tenured professors and pandering politicians who have never worked a day outside of classrooms or politics, run their own business or dirtied their hands from manual labor are of the mind that capitalism is a terrible threat to society, and socialism would cure all of society’s ills.

I would think the fact that none of our most life and society-changing (for the positive) achievements, ideas or technology have come from socialist or communist-run states, …

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005 – Socialism

Team:5P / HMG                                                                    Event type: PODCAST EP


Coordinator:Michael J. Penney                                                    Task organization: SOLO TALK



Problem: Socialism; People who believe everyone should work for the common good. Unfortunately it always leads to terrible people ruling from a small minority.


Friendlys: The U.S. Constitution and our founding documents work to prevent overlordship of a ruling class. Unfortunately, through corruption of power, we’ve seen American rights start to dwindle.



Mission:Work with fellow business leaders to mastermind, plan, and grow in your unique strengths.


Commander’s Intent: Teams working together to secure their own independence.


Scheme of Maneuver: Work with small to medium sized businesses ran at the local level. Focus on cultivating sustainable economic conditions through governance. …

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The True Face of Socialism in Venezuela


The terms “socialist” and “fascist” have seen a wide resurgence in use leading up to and since the last presidential election.  And in concert with the current trajectory of our society, in many cases the usage was absolutely wrong.  I saw a video on Facebook with someone claiming that the definition of fascist was recently changed in dictionaries to include the term “extreme right wing,” but a simple check online proved that to be fake news.

Socialism, however, is a very scary principle that many of our nation and her youth don’t have an accurate grasp of, but of late they have been easily misguided by wolves in sheep’s clothing to extol the virtues of a social and political …

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