How the Left-Wing Media May Take Down Joe Biden

On Monday, the Electoral College voted 306-232 to elect Joe Biden president of the United States on behalf of the American people. Now that President-elect Biden is in, the challenge for our left-wing media and political class is going to be getting him out.

Remember that Joe Biden was the Trojan horse for the radical leftist-types to get inside the White House, not the poster boy for their agenda. The people who spent the weeks prior to the election actively suppressing the Hunter Biden laptop scandal didn’t do so because they wanted Joe Biden in. They did it because they wanted President Donald Trump out. With that objective accomplished, the new aim, presumably, must be installing Kamala Harris as president.…

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Why Was Jorge Zambrano Free to Kill Ron Tarantino Part 2: The Killer

On September 28, 2014 at 2214 hours a call came through to suburban Athol, Massachusetts Police Department. The caller reported after a weekend away from home, that his legally owned handgun had been stolen in a break-in. Officer Scott Dubrule was dispatched to the address and spoke to the owner who’s name has been redacted from sources. The owner stated he left on a Friday, September 26, and returned Sunday the 28th. The owner of the house reported necklaces, assorted DVD’S , and 400$ in cash missing in addition to his 40. caliber handgun with the serial number HAB2291. The officer noted that the front door was left unlocked, being that Athol is a very safe, sleepy town, and it …

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