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If you haven’t yet seen Jon Stewart’s testimony in favor of renewing health benefits for 9/11 first responders, you should watch it here, now.  In it, the former Daily Show host calls out the politicians who didn’t bother showing up to a Congressional hearing on renewing the 9/11 Victims Compensation Fund. The Fund provides financial […]

“Our collective silence only compounds the problem.” ~Chief Craig Steckler (Retired), Fremont PD What is Happening? New York City Police Commissioner James O’Neill made one of the most difficult statements of his career earlier this month, announcing the suicides of two veteran NYPD officers. Deputy Chief Steven J. Silks, 62, just weeks from his mandatory […]

HMG Guest Writer: Alvaro Daza This is a story of Alvaro journey while he was in the America. It is enough to sleep to imagine the famous American dream that has been talked about for so long, that which consists of achieving what you propose in a country that has been for decades a recipient […]

I watched her close her eyes and listening closely to hear every whistle the wind blew and every chirp the birds sang. I watched him close his eyes smelling the burning tires and feeling the heat that was beginning to surround him. I watched her close her eyes hearing their screams for help behind her. […]

This past week, a Division 1 College Basketball coach took the national stage to offer hate, prejudice and cowardice during the NCAA Tournament.  Coach Muffet McGraw, leader of Notre Dame’s Women’s basketball team told the world that she would not hire a male coach on her staff.  Prejudice and sexism can’t be defined any better!   “When you […]

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