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At some point in our lives, we all have imagined ourselves accomplishing incredible acts. Becoming business owners, world travelers, philanthropist, Astronauts, Teachers, Soldiers, Ballerinas, Police, Mothers, Fathers or firefighters. We all want to see and experience great things for our lives.

For many people, even though we can imagine the Dream and most of the time even know what to do. We are stuck before TAKING ACTION.

I have been there. I broke through once before, had an incredible time, though I was doing exactly what I was meant to do. I tasted that freedom and felt that feeling of accomplishing something great. Something big and scary and yet going for it anyway (add joke here).

Then it didn’t work out as I had imagined. Fear set in and I found myself stuck. Not knowing if I was capable of that feeling and experience again.

Now I am clawing my way back from the metaphorical ashes of a dream not realized. More aware of what it takes to play big and discovering that it must be earned again (duh).

Like Sisyphus rolling a stone up the hill for eternity, we too must choose to continue to show up. Get comfortable in the uncomfortable and keep rolling that stone, always learning, always growing and most importantly always dreaming and always playing big, while also being present in the moment!

On this podcast, I will be exploring the space between our Dreams and our actions so that we may live a life fulfilled! As a professional weight loss and transformation coach, I will be sharing what I have learned and where I coach from. I am also committed to the idea that I am always learning and can always develop myself so that I may continue to add value to others. I am open about all my experiences, I choose vulnerability so that others may find connection. I desire to interview interesting people who have played a big game and are finding true balance in their lives. People who are in alignment with their spirituality, their relationships, their health, and their finances.

Website www.dreambigplaybigger.com

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