Glen Stilson, CEO of Independence Training

Written by on 07/15/2017

Had a good time in this episode sitting down and talking with good friend Mr. Glen Stilson.  Glen and Army Veteran and the Founder of Independence Training ( Glen has spent his life educating, training and empowering other in firearms and medical training.  Whether you are a beginner and just starting out or you have been shooting for years, Glen and his staff are hands down some of the best in the business.

Here is a snippet of the show…

Adam: Tell us more about Independence Training. You say work in the firearms, for our listeners out there, firearms and medical training. What do you focus on more or what do you see that your clients or your customers finding more of?

Glen:   Well, you know, we’re really, first of all we’re a very practical application.  So even though the majority of our instructors are military veterans, or a couple of them, are still serving. That’s not our focus.  And sometimes in our industry that can become a big focus like, you know, someone was in XYZ, in XYZ unit and that’s all that they focus on.  That’s a very anecdotal kind of narrow lane way of thinking.  So the way that we look at things are, now, we’re mostly dads and we’re mostly husbands and we’re mostly community members. So how do we take whatever skill sets we had, increase them, make them better, get better, get sharper every day. Get stronger every day.  And then take that information and apply it to our regular everyday life.  When it’s 10 o’clock at night and I want to run to the Walmart for some freaking Oreos and milk or whatever.  I’m going to throw on some shorts and some sandals real quick because it’s freaking 100° outside around here, and I’m going to go to the store. And I’m in the parking lot and something stupid goes down.  How do I apply everything that I’ve done or all of the cumulative knowledge of our instructors into that environment?  So that’s really what we do. We’re very very practical about how we do things.  Same way from emergency medicine, we call what we do “dirt medicine.”  “Dirt medicine” to us is how emergency response or lifesaving techniques are done in the field.  So at a baseball game, at a vehicle accident, a concert as we’ve seen recently, you know, we’re a regular everyday situation. This isn’t a battlefield medical situation.  This isn’t, you know, this big giant natural disaster.  It’s just kind of everyday life. So for us and our instructors, we’re very very much into practical application of our skills.  And we’re very much into getting stronger, faster, smarter every single day.  We don’t lean on what we did a long time ago is my point.


Adam: Somebody that’s listening to this show right now and their hour is upon them.  It’s time for them to make a decision. What advice do you got for them?

Glen:   Man, advice that would fit just about any situation I could think is.  You were made to do greater things than you can even understand that you were made to do.  So, however, whatever wall you are coming up against you were born to get through it and you were born to overcome this.  Regardless of what circumstances or what disabilities or what mentality or whatever you think you’re coming up against.  You were born to do great things so just do them.

Adam: Great advice by a great man, folks.  Love it. Thanks, Glen.

Glen:   Absolutely, man. Thank you for having me on the show.


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