The Disingenuous Left Prevails

Written by on 06/18/2019

On Monday, Kyle Kashuv announced that his admission to Harvard University had been revoked.

A survivor of the 2018 mass shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglass High School in Parkland, Florida, Kashuv has earned national media attention as an outspoken gun rights activist pitted against his leftist peers who seek to impose strict gun regulation and oust from the political arena those with whom they disagree on policy. This, you see, is the disingenuousness of the left, and Kyle Kashuv is the latest victim.

First we must understand that, for Kyle Kashuv, it was an asinine decision to express the putridly imbecilic sentiment which he prattled in the unfortunate company of a likewise immature flock of dopes in the years prior to the shooting and his subsequent ascension into public life. These comments—replete with racial and anti-Semitic slurs—will not be repeated here due to their obscenity. While disgraceful, these words ought not to be life-defining given the fact that they were spouted by a juvenile sixteen-year-old in the private company of fellow immature teenagers, all of whom were without the genuine advantages bestowed upon those with fully-developed prefrontal cortexes. That said, Kashuv’s public apology and denouncement of his prior misconduct were not sufficient to appease the left. They wanted blood.

Safe to say, Kashuv will no longer be attending Harvard, nor will he be attending any university in the near future. At eighteen years of age, his reputation is tarnished and his political aspirations forever burdened with the weight of the words he so carelessly uttered at age sixteen. The left has successfully sniped a prominent conservative from the safety of afar without having to approach and risk actual political discussion. If the left’s goal is to prevent the ascension of bad people, however, then why don’t they ever engage in friendly fire?

The answer is simple. Being on the left means getting to say or do whatever you want and never having to fear the consequences.

This would be the reason that Gov. Ralph Northam of Virginia still has a job despite wearing blackface in medical school and Lt. Gov. Justin Fairfax despite accusations of sexual assault; the reason that Sen. Elizabeth Warren is still a candidate for president despite her feigning Native American heritage and former Vice President Joe Biden despite multiple counts of plagiarism and, of course, his sexual harassing of women.

The left took no issue when former President Obama preemptively admitted to snorting cocaine and smoking marijuana as a youth. They didn’t care about John F. Kennedy’s marital infidelities, Woodrow Wilson’s racism, or Sen. Ted Kennedy’s leaving Mary Jo Kopechne to die at the bottom of Poucha Pond in Chappaquiddick. They didn’t care when Bill Clinton did, in fact, have sexual relations with that woman. And they damn sure didn’t care when he lied about it under oath.

Folks on the left don’t shoot at people with whom they agree, only at dissenters who threaten their mode of political supremacy.

Few conservatives are under the asinine impression that past transgressions by people who’ve since repented and demonstrated growth from the experience ought to define their lives or destroy their careers. But folks on the left are the ones who’ve decided to set this standard. And they simply refuse to abide it.

For all of modern history, the left has modulated infidelity, whitewashed scandal, and deflected from accusations against their own while simultaneously assuming the position of moral authorities in order to condemn conservatives. Reproach isn’t sufficient for the left, however. They must bury their political opposition with indefinite censorship through advertising boycotts and calls for firing or resignation.

These people are hypocrites at best and cowards at worst.

Currently, Harvard is embroiled in a lawsuit for discriminating against Asian applicants on the basis of race. Yet, in spite of the institution’s checkered history of racism dating back to the slave ownership of its early faculty, it certainly managed to police Kashuv’s racist comments in an effort to promote an environment of tolerance, diversity, and inclusion that evidently doesn’t exist within its campus even today.

The act of digging up dirt from the past and utilizing it as a weapon with which to force political opponents out of a job—despite their best efforts at genuine public atonement—is wildly disingenuous. A strategy designed to stifle dissent and avoid debate, the people who utilize this weapon will continue to poison political discourse, sow distrust among Americans, and actively perpetuate a standard only destined to inevitably destroy their own. If this is the type of game we want to play in pursuit of political victories, then we deserve all the suffering and embarrassment we have coming to us.

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