Author: Robert Patrick Lewis

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  The terms “socialist” and “fascist” have seen a wide resurgence in use leading up to and since the last presidential election.  And in concert with the current trajectory of our society, in many cases the usage was absolutely wrong.  I saw a video on Facebook with someone claiming that the definition of fascist was […]

  When even NBC and the Wall Street Journal are calling out Hillary Clinton for her lies, you know something in the world is changing. If it were the senseless robots on The View or MSNBC I’d be waiting to see pigs fly, but I’m still surprised. But I shouldn’t be, and neither should you. […]

by Robert Patrick Lewis   There is a massive movement going on in the global population these days, and I don’t mean environmental activism or putting a French flag skin on your Facebook profile. Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock and abstaining from social media and any form of news (in which case congratulations, […]

On Being a Man By Robert Patrick Lewis    The last place I tend to look for examples of what it means to be a man is in movies (or any of today’s pop culture for that matter). I’m not sure if it’s just me, but when I look around at society I see a […]

Net Neutrality: what’s the big deal? Robert Patrick Lewis|The Green Beret MBA  As I’m such a vocal critic of any egregious governmental overreach, I’ve been asked this quite a few times over the past few days and would like to use this opportunity to explain what the net neutrality deal is in a nutshell, and […]

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